Shosh van’t Verlaat

Owner - Driveways by design


I was born as the daughter of a successful civil engineer whose innovations are still used in the construction industry today, and an entrepreneurial and dedicated mother who inspired me to have a career and be independent. She taught me that a determined woman could reach her dreams and goals, the sky’s the limit.

I pursued a bachelor’s degree in architecture before going on to travel the world, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, and lived the architecture and history that surrounded me daily.

When I returned to the United States, I became the mother of two beautiful daughters, putting my career in architecture on hold to raise them.

Fast forward, I founded Hospitality Management Solutions, while managing and at the same time participating in the remodeling of several properties in the South Beach area.


New beginnings

During that time I met my husband Rene, a seasoned hotelier and the son of a renowned Dutch engineer, he is not only my rock and partner in life but so as well in business. 

After having our son, my passion for architecture and design was still there, so with Rene’s encouragement I decided to immerse myself in the design world, specifically the hardscape field, where there was a need to bring something different, still innovative and functional, but also aesthetically pleasant, inviting, warm, to counter the new tide of brutalist architecture. 


Why Driveways by Design?

In a world of generic development, where architects and designers must comply with, so much seems bleak and cliched, Driveways by Design and our luxury brand Luxe Outdoor Designs is set to add a touch of individualism, life, joy and style to South Florida.


Why Driveways by Design?

The team at Driveways by Design is well equipped to design outdoor living spaces that will not only add value, but also upgrade the quality of living within the environment, bringing aesthetics and functionality together, allowing you to enjoy at the same time all that nature has to offer. 

From traditional driveways with that European Old World flair to minimalist or sophisticated designer concrete slabs, floating steps, porch/entrances, to your dream patio, pool deck, your must needed pool renovations, or sought seating areas, soothing fountains, fire pits/fireplaces for family or social gatherings, greenery, and even outdoor kitchens, our renown designer will create that special space that is both inviting and environmentally sustainable. 


Every project tells a story,
which one is yours?

Allow us to design that special place that you and your family and friends will enjoy for years to come.


Driveways By Design, Discover Your Style!